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China Condemns House-Passed Hong Kong Bills as 'Arrogant' & 'Sinister'
by Causes
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  • Richard
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    We are the only country with the power to oppose China or Russia. While we do not like our family and friends to be away from us in the military and want them to be home. They are paying a price. A price to keep this country strong. When you bring all your troops home and they are not doing anything. The military down sizes it can’t justify its size capabilities. Budgets get cut. Recruiting drops. Thousands of would be military have to find other jobs. Jobs that are not there. Social programs expand. Less money for military as they are no longer needed and then you end up turning into any other EU country with no real military to defend their principles and no longer a America that has the capability to hold them up. It is an unfortunate truth that freedom comes with the price of blood. But so does oppression. America needs to expand its influence and military strength not pull back. These countries like China and Russia are just getting stronger and now even weaker countries do not fear reprisals from the US. Might as well just be another EU state at this rate!

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