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The Latest: Bolton Objected to Ukraine Pressure Efforts, Called Giuliani ‘Hand Grenade’
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • jimK
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    Supported. It is important for the House to provide regular and repeated feedback to the public on their findings and conclusions in an apolitical and strictly fact-based manner. Conclusions need to be explained in excruciating detail to prevent word-picking false re-interpretations. I think it smart to collect detailed facts first but time is coming to formalize the process and hear all the name calling and career bashing crap that will follow. It is also important to do this on the House’s terms and to ignore trump’s rants about manufactured conspiracy theories that would let trump put in all on his terms. Just say bullshit, and go back to your findings. trump, at this point in this process should be treated as an insignificant bystander who should not be involved in dictating the rules. It is time to arrest, fine and charge those who do not comply with subpoenas, with all of the righteous indignation appropriate for those who fail to comply. Keep the public informed, educated and overwhelmed often by the evidence you appear to have or will be collecting. Unfortunately, voters often have short attention spans and many willingly accept unfounded conspiracy theories. The only way to overcome this is to be repeatedly honest, fair, un-spun, and educational.

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