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White House Says Trump Condemns Fake Video That Shows Him Violently Attacking Media
by Axios
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  • JamieD
    Voted Sad

    It’s not enough for Trump to condemn the video through his spokesperson via tweet. Come on. If he really condemns it, we should hear that direct from his mouth. His base, especially the more violent and unstable in it, needs to get that message. I’d even settle for a condemnation during one of his chopper talks. He should also issue a similar message via tweet, his favorite messaging system. His words have had real consequences, and he needs to own up to them. Just look at his fan who was mailing pipe bombs to all of Trump’s “enemies of the people.” There should be no room for doubt in how the president feels about this. I’d appreciate it if my GOP representatives condemned the video too, but won’t get my hopes up.

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