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What Happens If Trump Refuses to Step Down If He Loses the 2020 Election? What If He Contests the Voting Results?
by Causes
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  • MermaidJKL
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    I'm deeply concerned about GOP and International interference in conducting free and fair U.S. elections. Paper balloting is essential, both to ensure a paper trail and to prevent hacking of voting machines, and we must also have patience during the tabulation process. It is a MISTAKE to pronounce winners within hours after polls close. The US has been a forceful proponent of "EVERY VOTE COUNTS" in emerging democracies worldwide, yet our own country barely wait until the polls close to announce a projected victor. We need to realize that an absentee vote from a disabled voter or a military service member stationed overseas counts just as much as a vote made at the polling station. Even if it takes a few extra days (or more) to determine the accurate outcome of our elections, we need to support and encourage meticulous counting efforts to ensure the veracity of election results. Trump's ranting about immigrants voting and citizens voting multiple times is just another smokescreen, and less likely than your chances of winning the lottery. I'm more worried about the GOP stuffing the ballot box than I am about actual voter fraud.

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