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The DC: White House won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry, and... 🏀 Should American companies stand against China’s censorship?
by Causes
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  • VAF

    AMERICAN companies should ALWAYS stand up to censorship. I wish social media would not censor conservative voices either. I have been blocked from Twitter permanently for quipping on Senator Ted Cruz’s eulogy to liberal Justice Stephens that “ALL liberals should Rest In Peace,”. I was playing on the words “rest in peace” that liberals should CHILL! But Twitter, lacking a sense of irony or humor, as all liberals and other totalitarian minded people are prone to do, took my words verbatim and saw some kind of terrorist threat in them, and they banned me permanently from Twitter. Twitter has become a conveyance through which I could easily communicate to the president, law makers, media personalities, and my friends and likeminded acquaintances. Twitter has severely crippled me in my communication abilities; and it’s all the more unfair when I see the egregious tweets from liberals that are downright nasty and threatening, and I do not see them suffer any consequences from Twitter at all! I don’t know what Congress can do about this except maybe petition the FCC to limit Twitter and other social media’s reach as long as they persist in this censorship. FCC should have a complaint line that we can appeal to, and the complaints on that line should determine the scope by which Twitter and others are censured. How can we censure China when our own US companies practice as bad, or worse, censorship?

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