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Ukraine Whistleblower Wrote Memo, Has 'Professional Ties' to Democratic Presidential Candidate
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Rj
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    The anal porosity of some of the comments is appalling and sad. When are people going to get past the Hillary Clinton debacle and focus on the issues at hand? Resident 45 has broken so many laws, has turned the constitution into a rag and is doing it all in plain sight. If Obama had done anything remotely resembling this, the same people who are coddling trump would have Long ago impeached Obama and destroyed him in no uncertain terms! This is NOT a reality show; it is real life with real consequences. We need to wake up and deeply inhale the scent emanating from the cesspool in dc. Maybe then we will realize that “by the people” means 340000000 and not 535. Think on that ain’t illegal yet!


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