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Ukraine Whistleblower Wrote Memo, Has 'Professional Ties' to Democratic Presidential Candidate
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • AVL-Jimbo
    Voted No

    This is just fake news created by Trump, typical deflection. He did the same bullshit with that FBI couple. THAT was a witch hunt. This is not a witch hunt. Impeachment is legal and constitutional, it is our responsibility to continue the investigation. 45 is just wasting money and running up the deficit, the sooner we get him out the better. Stay the course free thinkers, we will get this garbage out of office. I'd love to see a healthy republican primary with debates. Weld would be a fine candidate. But again, just to say strongly and reiterate, heheh, this is fake news in an attempt to discredit ONE of the whistleblowers, there is lots more evidence that corroborates his/her statement. Moreover, there are plenty of Republicans that support impeachment, and 20% support removal. 👉👉That's right, 1 in 5 REPUBLICANS SUPPORT REMOVAL FROM OFFICE!! The boy in orange has basically indicted himself. 86 45 ASAP BY ANY AND ALL MEANS. AND DON'T LET THEM DISTRACT YOU.

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