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Ukraine Whistleblower Wrote Memo, Has 'Professional Ties' to Democratic Presidential Candidate
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Dartagnon

    tRump is using his EVIL GENIUS to circumvent laws and change the existent REALITY by taking all the slings and arrows and throwing them back at their source. tRump blames EVERYONE else for his own mischief and wrongdoings making it sound like THEY are the perpetrators, NOT tRump. To any SENSIBLE American this is an obvious ploy on the part of a man who ADMITS IN WRITING on Twitter (most likely deniable in court) that he is GUILTY and is smiling when he hold up his written sign ... of course he will LATER SAY that he did not know what was on the sign, that someone handed it to him and asked him to hold it up to the camera but he had NO KNOWLEDGE of what was on the placard. This guy is slippery as an EEL and the country is responsible for putting such an irresponsible idiot into the White House. Once tRump unleashes Bush Bankers AGAIN to sack the banking community then pulls more stunts with shutting off our trade with other countries thereby running our Balance of Trades through the roof in the WRONG direction ... tRump is doing everything he was trained to do ... Weaken the Corporation from within; run up their expenses and cut their source of cash, simultaneously printing money at such a rapid rate that ANY ECONOMIST will say this is the road to HYPER INFLATION which cannot be stopped without a total shut down. Farmers are still in the dark about China and crops are being wasted daily due to tRump's myopic approach to trade with China, tRump BEGAN his administration defending himself and other Repurs for being aggressive towards women to the point of rape but he laughed it off and thot everyone would forgive him and yet the Pope condemned him for his rude and uncouth behavior, among other things. We have elevated nothing more than a GUTTERSNIPE to the Presidency of our Country and in so doing have defiled our flag and the Office of President by inserting a Political Whore who has already sold his soul to achieve his current position. tRump is rude to Servicemen, non-appreciative of their sacrifices on one side and thanking them for their service on the other. tRump is decimating our environment at the pleasure of corporations who can now POLLUTE without restriction the streams and rivers of the United States along with the air that we ALL have to breathe, and thank us with HIGHER AND HIGHER prices which tRump does not have the balls to refute and fight to save Americans from tRump controlled health issues ... not to mention that he destroyed the last 50 years of environmental work and guiding the auto industry to achieve higher gas mileage and help clean our air and environment. Los Angeles is already growing darker daily thanks to tRump's lowering the standards nationally when California is one of the STRICTEST ENVIRONMENTALISTS IN THE COUNTRY. How many lawsuits have been lodged against tRump by the State of California alone? HUNDREDS! Each lawsuit is a violation of a law instigated by tRump in his eternal lack of whits as Alzheimer's continues to attack tRumps weakened state due to Parkinson's Disease and if you notice his speech lately he is not stuttering and stammering in trying to find the correct lie to fit the situation as we all suspect but more so due to mini strokes that the President endures daily as his IQ continues to digress which is readily noticed in his movements and his speech. NO ACTING PRESIDENT has been in WORSE shape than tRump, obese thanks to his inability to control himself and who will slurp down the delicacies faster than an out of work bum doing nothing for humanity other than existing. His hands are more unsteady daily. And before when he was SURE of himself there were no Umms or ahhs but now its constant. His joke about covfefe was a stroke that made that look NORMAL to his failing mind and then later joking to take off the heat. I was curious how he could come up with that and then one night when I was over worked and should have gone to bed hours before, i went to spell the word coffee and after I hit the c and o keys I SLIPPED on the f key and hit the V key instead. I have an excuse bc I have neuropathy of the hands and feet and these things are common for me. tRump however CLAIMS TO BE in good shape but that appears to be JUST ANOTHER LIE ! So common with him right that the rest of the Republican country is following in his stead. It would be a terrible thing for Biden to win after tRump is no longer able to function physically or mentally due to his own self-abuse. tRump will HAVE to run himself into the ground to keep up with Joe Biden and as the election gets closer tRump will be stressing out more and more and more (speaking Presidentially). His Parkinson';s Disease will become more and more noticeable and Alzheimer's will continue to ravage his brain. I saw it in Bill Clinton when he attended the funeral services for Teddy Kennedy and I saw signs of it in tRump LAST WEEK on TV. For tRump and I it is a race to the finish ... not sure who will go first ... but when I die I will have the satisfaction of telling YOU ALL " I TOLD U SO!" but it will be a shame that you all lost your shorts to tRump after he puts Plan B into effect in 2022. And if you elect him again GOOD LUCK in getting rid of him at the end of his term. He can declare himself Dictator and THEN the gloves will come off and we will all be put into our cages each night and allowed to stretch just before we go to work in the morning. Should you doubt any of this simply look at Adolph's history and what he did to the German people. You THINK it cannot happen here? Neither did the Germans when Adolph told everyone he would employ everyone and there would be food on every table and that Germans were his friends. Zoom forward to when he was "thinning the population" Hitler was in his mind "humane" whereas tRump is unconsciously encouraging snipers and assassins to KILL Americans in the streets, perhaps so that the Repurs can insist on more and more police , suffering from HYPER INFLATION due to printing too much money, just like tRump and the Repurs. So who u gonna vote for Adolph tRump? Or Donald Hitler? Your choice. Or we can bring the United States back into the REAL World by voting in Joe Biden. Get rid of the tRump rules which steal from the Middle Class and give to the Upper Class as the Upper Class RAISE grocery prices daily, 300% increase since tRump took over and rising rapidly. When will the pain end? When tRump is on his way out the WH Gate. DumptRump2020MAGA Vote Joe Biden for President MAGA


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