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White House Says It Won’t Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry - Do You Support the Move?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Deborah
    Voted Oppose

    No President is above the law. The Office of President is not the only position elected by American citizens. So are the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. They have the right to oversee the actions of the President and the Executive Branch. Our current President has no respect for the U.S. Constitution he is sworn to uphold. He is accountable to the American people through their elected Representatives and Senators, not just at the presidential voting booth. Trump needs to grow up and behave like any other citizen under our Constitution, bound by it's limitations of his power. The GOP, and Mitch McConnell, need to quit being hypocrits. They wouldn't stand for this behavior from a Democrat or Independent. Justice is blind: it does not treat political parties differently.


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