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White House Says It Won’t Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry - Do You Support the Move?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Alexis
    Voted Oppose

    I absolutely oppose the White House's position on its refusal to cooperate with the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry. The lawlessness in the Trump Administration and the Republicans in the Senate must stop. It is up to our lawmakers to force Donald Trump and his co-conspirators to follow the letter of the law, because they do not intend to do so on their own. Right now, Trump and the WH lawyers are displaying a remarkable performance of Law West of the Pecos, starring Donald Trump as Judge Roy Bean. Except this lawlessness is IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. Why is that not shocking to every citizen in this country? Actually, it is shocking to every citizen in this country - except for Donald Trump and his enablers, and of course his cult members. Apparently they think Trump can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without any censure whatsoever. This is not how a Democracy works. This is not how our government works. Donald Trump must be held accountable for his crimes against this country - and the number of crimes he keeps committing, right out front and in the open for all to see, is mounting. Start issuing subpoenas. Start adding counts to the lawsuits that are already filed. or file new ones. Don't just sit there!! We have three branches of government for a reason - so megalomaniacs like Donald Trump do not run our country into the ground while he, and his crime family, are filling their pockets to the brim with taxpayer money, money derived from Trump's association with the office of the presidency, and money from his Trump branded golf resorts and hotels. Now they are building a 13 foot fence around the White House, and a new tennis pavilion, so the worthless First Escort has a place to play tennis every day, except that she doesn't reside in the White House, she spends her time flitting between her penthouse apartment in New York City and Mar-A-Lago, as if she is some modern day Marie Antoinette, or maybe Imelda Marcos. She actually has a stunt double who can fill in for her, to make 10-15 minute appearances on the arm of Donald Trump as they are jetting off to some place or another - usually a Trump branded resort somewhere, so he can give a Hitleresque speech to his rabid supporters at one of his hate rallies. Now, Trump has pulled the US support from Syria, one of our staunchest allies, and Syria is now being bombed by Turkey as I type this. Thanks to Donald Trump. Here is what I suspect happened: Trump received a call from Erdogan on Sunday. I'm betting what Ergodan said was Turkey would seize Trump's two hotels/resorts in Istanbul unless Trump pulls US aid out of Syria. Trump did not consult a single military general, foreign adviser, ambassador, Secretary of State - no one. He simply issued a proclamation and expected it to be followed at all costs, because he is more concerned about his two properties instead of the lives of millions of people who will surely be slaughtered by Turkey. In calling back our troops, Trump has shown to every single US ally in the world that the US cannot be trusted. That the US would rather side with a dictator than protect its allies. That the US will protect Donald Trump's international properties before it will protect its allies. I have had enough of this. And apparently 83% of the country has had enough of this as well. All of this lawlessness needs to be brought to a halt and Donald Trump needs to be reined in. That must happen now, before he destroys our entire country. This must not be allowed to continue. Congress must do its job and impeach Donald Trump, remove him from office NOW. How much more evidence is needed? How is it possible that there are Senators and Representatives against impeaching Trump? How can the Republicans just sit there and allow any of this to continue??? America has had enough. If our lawmakers do not wake up and start handling the problem aggressively, then there will not be a US to govern any longer. Our Democracy will be destroyed, our Constitution abandoned, and we will become an autocracy with Donald Trump crowned king. I will not live in an America that discards all of the freedoms we have fought so hard to attain. I will not live in an America that thinks it is okay to be racist, or where any person of color is treated like a second class citizen. I will not live in an America that discards the rights and opinions of women and treats them as nothing more than chattel. I will not live in an America where only the wants and needs of the richest people in the country, and the biggest corporations are all that matters. What about the rest of the populace? We are the ones who support our government financially. How about American taxpayers simply stop paying taxes because we no longer have representation in our government? Sound familiar? It will happen if we do not start seeing some action in our government that benefits everyone, not just Donald Trump. My Senators and Representatives better start doing their jobs. If you don't know how to do them, get some advice from the more senior members of our government. Hire the best impeachment lawyers in the country and the most gifted legal scholars in the land to help us get rid of Donald Trump and his enablers. We need to fight fire with fire! We must do something, and we must do it now. No more handling this crisis with kid gloves!! You people need to figure this situation out now and come up with a solution. Stop worrying about the polls - the polls are clear that Donald Trump is not wanted in the WH, and the lawlessness in our government must stop. If everyone is focused on getting re-elected, but not on getting rid of the madman at the help, then the entire ship will go down, while you guys are still wringing your hands and wondering what to do.


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