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What Happens If Trump Refuses to Step Down If He Loses the 2020 Election? What If He Contests the Voting Results?
by Causes
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  • Marylynn
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    Since he really didn't win the popular vote in 2016, he's not a legitimate president, nor will he ever be. I'm concerned about the 2020 election and voter fraud taking place. I don't trust the corrupt moron in the White House, nor do I trust very many of his party members. I say we return to paper ballots and do away with all computerized systems, that way we can ensure that all our votes are counted and can't be changed by whatever foreign government Bone Spurs enlists to aid him in the 2020 election. WE ALL KNOW MEMBERS OF HIS CAMPAIGN COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA AND THAT RUSSIA INTERFERED. LET'S NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. IF HE ISN'T IMPEACHED BEFORE THE ELECTION, WE NEED TO MAKE SURE HE LOSES THE ELECTION. AS FOR HIM REFUSES TO LEAVE OFFICE, I SAY WE REMOVE HIM FORCIBLY, IN HANDCUFFS IF NECESSARY....

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