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SCOTUS WATCH: Court Dismisses Gun Rights Case Democrats Threatened ‘Restructuring’ Over
by Causes
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  • Beth
    Voted No

    Impeach trump. Impeach Pompeo! Impeach Pence! Impeach Barr! They are all treasonous criminals!! The House must impeach trump. And the Senate must convict trump and remove trump from our government. The evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors is blatant. It’s obvious. It’s in plain sight. Obstruction of justice. Abuse of power. And more. trump must be removed from our government. pence needs to go too. He’s in on it. And barr, pompeo and gulliani. And more. Get this corrupt criminal trump regime out of our government. Now. Toomey and all republicans - you OWN this!! This is the Republican Party today - hypocritical, treasonous, lying, racist, misogynist, cruel, xenophobic, and owned by the NRA and RUSSIA! I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. Appalling. Toomey - I don’t know if you are capable of it - but there is still time to find your spine and integrity. Do the right thing and get this traitorous administration out!!

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