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Congress Given Green Light to Seek Trump’s Tax Returns – Should Trump Be Allowed to Keep Them Private?
by Causes
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  • Carol
    Voted No

    Absolutely not!! He should not be allowed to change everything this Gov’t has established over the years. He’s not above the law and should not be given any more allowances than the rest of the field of candidates have been given over the years. I’m so sick of this man now. Every single day there is more & more that he throws into all of our daily lives keeping things stirred up. When Obama & other Prez were in office it wasn’t something every single day to keep us all in an uproar. This man only knows chaos & uproarious behavior. It is not going to change with him, he has to be the center of attention over everything. He Has had 4 or 5 excuses regarding the quid pro quo withholding Congressional funds for Aid with Ukraine. If you’re telling the truth IT DOES NOT EVOLVE. The truth remains the truth, only lies & excuses change. I can’t believe people are still standing behind this spineless self absorbed man. It’s almost hard for me to respect people still standing by him & I feel like they’re not the people I thought they were.

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