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DHS Names White Supremacy a Domestic Terrorist Threat - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Steven
    Voted No

    White nationalism is not a serious threat- it is still only a minority of hate incited incidents. In my corner of the world white nationalism is almost non-existent - There are far more incidents of anti-Semitism and far left violence with Antifa than there is with white nationalism and yet where is the outrage for Antifa and anti-semitism? The major news outlets refuse to report on these other groups and our confidence in in taking them seriously is waning. All hate— based on race, ethnicity or beliefs is evil and should be eliminated from among us- but we must treat each with the same amount of equanimity and not single out the straw dog. There is growing racism with non-white ethnic groups especially on campus where "Hispanic", "Asian", "Black", "LGTBQ" and other ethnic minorities or special interest groups are self segregating and eliminating outreach to each other. Holding mono-ethnic graduations among themselves and self-segregated housing is racist regardless of which color is instigating it. Also, Countable is becoming more and more a left leaning echo chamber? I am finding you irreverent as time goes on and unable to see any objectivity to your polls and responses. The right will leave this platform and your left leaning constituents will continue to support false ideologies expressed without any pushback from the right. Very disappointing to see in a platform that has so many potential benefits to holding open discourse.


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