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The Latest: Pompeo Admits He Was on Ukraine Call, House Threatens White House Subpoena
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Rick
    Voted No

    When a major court case is thrown out because of some minor technicality people are in uproar. Impeachment based on something minor is just as abhorrent. Democrats publicity deny Joe Biden’s publicly video recorded ADMITTED and bragged about illegal coercion of Ukraine to stop their investigation of his son is also abhorrent even more than Adam Schiff’s school girl rant when he was leading an investigation. Schiff had reached a guilty verdict before the investigation hearing even began. The Democratic party is not just disgusting but evil incarnate. Why are we not indicting these people? Where are our Republican leaders and defenders? Biden publicly documents his crimes and still just as with Hillary Clinton you do nothing! The only thing needed for evil to succeed is that good people do nothing. What are you doing?

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