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Poll Finds Less Than Half of Americans Trust Mass Media - Do You?
by Causes
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  • JDMA
    Voted No

    The MSM relies too heavily on political bias and deliberately spin news by omitting facts. This becomes obvious with President Trump’s news portraits that have been Consistently overwhelmingly negative and unfair. The same could be said for President Obama, the media’s golden child, who could do no wrong. I go to 15 different news sources to get a balanced picture of the news and it has taught me that the MSM is lying to us. I think that a lot of the owners have agendas and collaborate with politicians to further their political beliefs at the expense of the American People. If you don’t believe me and think that the orange man is evil and what I am saying propaganda and lies. Then I hope that you try to listen to other news outlets that do not stroke your ego bias. Let the truth be your guide, not some news anchor.

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