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DHS Names White Supremacy a Domestic Terrorist Threat - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Marilyn
    Voted Yes

    White supremacy has been around since slavery. It has always been used to terrorize American society. Even white people are at risk from white supremacy if they don’t believe in the bigoted ideals of the group. The KKK and the many white nationalists groups that wish to maintain what they believe is their superior rights by murder and infringement on human and civil rights of others will always terrorize this society. I’ve looked at the comments by those who don’t think white supremacy is terrorism, and can’t believe that the use of lynchings, shootings and out right murder are not terroristic. It’s a primal ideology born of ignorance and fear. You would think from what they say that exercising free speech and expression by kneeling during the playing of national anthem has caused the death of people. But white supremacists have murdered from the lynchings throughout Mississippi and in the south, to the church bombings and killings of four young girls in Alabama, to the random shootings of black people, Jews and other minorities going about their daily lives. White supremacy kills. White supremacy and racial bigotry are the biggest failings of human existence.

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