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Judge Temporarily Blocks California Law Forcing Candidates to Release Tax Returns
by Causes
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  • Anthony
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    I like the idea. It is sad that it has gotten to the point that this law has been proposed. I suspect that this law is unconstitutional as individual states do not have the power to change how federal elections are run. Having said that, I would like to see the debate. I would like to see how a very rich candidate withholding his/her tax returns is a good policy going forward. I would never vote for a presidential candidate who would not release their taxes. I hope everyone would feel the same way. I would like to know if the President is using his office to enrich himself. We have never before had a wealthy president who has no shame. Thus the interest in this law. In a sense America is lucky to have Trump in office at this time. We are not at war. Pearl Harbor, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War tensions bringing us to the brink of all out war do not have Donald Trump in the Oval Office with his finger on the nuclear button. It could be much worse. We have gotten a relatively inexpensive lesson on how important it is for everyone to vote. We have been blessed. A wise man once said that God looks out for Children, Fools, Drunks and the United States of America. Take this lesson to heart. Next time do not vote for someone who is not qualified to run a government. I do not want my government to be run like a business. A purpose of a business is to make a profit. I want my government to be run in the best interest of the people at large not just for profit.

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