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Florida to Join California in Bid to Allow College Athletes to Earn Endorsement Income
by Causes
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  • Ethancbassett
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    College athletes are given scholarships but expected to work the equivalent of full time for their team without pay. Unless the scholarship covers housing, food, books, and all of their classes they will need another part time job on top of full time school and full time sports. No person can be expected to do the equivalent of two full time jobs and a part time job and be expected to do well in all three. College athletes struggle in school and are often pressured to take bull shit classes to keep their scholarships and grades. Their bodies are abused and after college they are left with nothing but long lasting medical conditions and degrees that they barely earned because they had to work overtime. Meanwhile colleges make stupid large sums of money selling shirts with the names of college athletes. Pay them. Not paying them is immoral and if the NCAA refuses to get its money crazed head out of its golden plated ass then state government should for student athletes to be paid.


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