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Intel Whistleblower Complaint Released as Acting DNI Maguire Testifies
by Causes
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  • Cyndy

    It was astonishing that Trump's supporters didn't read the Mueller Report. However, to not read the Whistleblowers complaint of less than 11 pages, including less than 10 Senator's, and to take bits and pieces of it to negate the facts speak volumes about how much they value our democracy and how patriotic these folks really are. Trump invited Russia to interfere with our 2016 elections and he's been tap dancing with four of the vilest, most evil dictators on this Earth--Putin, Xi, MBS, and Kim. Russia has been an adversary and have had their sights on destroying us for decades. Our intelligence communities, as well as Mueller, have been screaming to the rooftops that Russia continues to interfere with our technology to this day. Yet, the corrupt GOP and Moscow Mitch refuse to bring H.B.1 to the floor for a vote to fund and strengthen our voting systems. Anything which is connected to an internet system (even for a slight moment), anything from ES&S who have Russian ties, and anything other than "hand counted paper ballots" is inviting election interferences resulting in votes being flipped in favor of GOP candidates. Voter suppression is at its highest with GOPs gerrymandering districts to favor them. This administration trying to illegally add a question to the 2020 Census to favor GOP candidates. If one has been keeping up with the news since 2016 there have been gobs of GOP "leaders" charged and convicted of some of the most heinous crimes from bribery, insider trading, and corruption, to some of the most vulgar crimes of rape and sexual assault. In 2017, the congressional GOP voted to rob our Social Security of $2T to pay for their Tax Scam that benefited the 1% of our country. Why shouldn't people like Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, not pay a dime in taxes? Why should the working classes have to totally shoulder our tax structure and hold up our government? Why should every Secretary sitting in this administrations Cabinet receive their government salary plus the income from their businesses and investments, yet not have to pay their fair share of taxes to our Treasury? I distressed. America, wake up! 2016 was an attack just like 9/11. The only difference was people were not killed. No people were harmed. But, our democracy has been seriously attacked and harmed. Countries such as Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and China wish us harm. People need to get out of this laissez-faire mindset before it's too late. When America was formed it was an experiment and the experiment continues until a country captures our Republic stripping away our democracy and way of living. This is no joke. Russia hit us. If they could do what they did (and they did) what if they hit our power grid? Our infrastructure is in bad shape as it is. H.B.1 addresses upgrading our infrastructure too which will create jobs! Wake up folks. The Geo. W. Bush administration robbed our SSA of $1.37T to pay for his unjust war which we are still in. Wake up. And the GOP wants to do away with Social Security and healthcare saying we can't afford it. Guess what folks? All the working immigrants, who this administration wants out of our country (yet he hires them to work low wages at his properties), by law they pay into our SS but will never touch a penny of it when they retire. They fund a lot in this country yet receive little return except the freedoms our country was founded upon aside from having to deal with the racism and bigotry every single day in this country and stay frightened for their very lives. All of the people on here voting "no" should really do your homework as this administration came into this presidency asking Russia to aid in his election so he could relieve them of the sanctions. In turn, Moscow Mitch as allowed backdoor deals, with the guy for whom the sanctions were lifted, to bring Russia into Kentucky to do business. Russia sends their pregnant women to Florida to stay at Trump properties to birth their children who become naturalized citizens with dual-citizenship. Wake up people. Today, Trump said if he's not elected again he's not leaving! What!?! That is not how our country operates. He is compromised. His comment alone is un-American. We are methodically being invaded with the end goal of eroding our democratic Republic. Wake up and put country over party and stop voting these corrupt, greedy GOPs in. They are destroying our nation. Everything he touches ends up in a court of law. That alone too is not normal. Just in case anyone is wondering I was raised in a staunch GOP farming family who believes in fiscal responsibility. But, as the wealthiest country, I also believe in helping our neighbor whether nextdoor, around the corner, in the poorest neighborhoods, or across the vast oceans. After the 1st "W" term I left the GOP because of his unjust war and robbingnour SS fund. And, this administration has done nothing but increase our deficit by $2T this fiscal year alone while ordering our military to stop at airports near his failing businesses to fill up with fuel and stay at his hotels so he can charge we the taxpayers billions of dollars to line his coffers. This is so wrong. Wake up people. We are better than this. We can do better than this. We need people voted into our government who will return it to its dignity and worldwide standing we once held. Otherwise, we are going down in flames. There's already a lot of smoke. I remember Nixon and he was nothing compared to this presidency. If Hitler had his way we'd be speaking German today. Instead, people are taking our great country for granted and not thinking about history. Do you want to speak Russian and live in a dictatorship? Our freedoms are too precious to let the corrupt and greed-ridden to rob us of and slip through our fingers. Please wake up people.


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