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McConnell: Senate Would Consider Articles of Impeachment Against Trump if Approved by House
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Nancy
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    The presidents main job is to protect our constitution! This guy can not even follow the constitution. Now he wants to use a foreign government again to win an election because that’s the only reason he is in office right now. He couldn’t win any other way; it’s treason! McConnell claims he will hold trial, the odds of a fair trial/ and or a fair vote is unlikely. Senators must realize they are working for us - they are getting paid to protect us and our American democracy! And that’s exactly what I expect them to do! It’s time to stand up or we will lose our democracy! This is serious stuff! You must have the best interest of this. Country at heart. Forget your personal interest. Think of country! I am proud of Congress for finally doing their job. Now the senate needs to do their job. If you love this country, impeach and remove!

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