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The Latest: Barr Named in Whistleblower Complaint, White House Admits Call Record Moved to Secret Server
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Dawn
    Voted Oppose

    ANOTHER manufactured, misrepresented WITCH-HUNT. Second hand information that was a group effort including the CIA, obviously they are disgruntled from being called out for covering up Hillary and Obama’s criminal activities, and are after the elected President of the United States. The CIA, FBI along with the majority of the Democratic Party think it’s ok to use their positions for personal/political gain, THAT IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE REPORTED/INVESTIGATED/PROSECUTED, Schiff, Pelosi, the squad of ignorant B’s, the entire group involved in creating yet another US scandal thanks to the salty democrats. Despicable UN-American, socialist Democratic criminals, willing to go to any length including crimes, sabotaging/framing, change laws regarding whistleblower guidelines to fit their agenda. The citizens of America had better wake up and speak against the crimes the Democratic Party is involved or spearheading before none of us have any recourse or Rights left. The House of Representatives, FBI, CIA and God knows who else colluding to set up our President is unprecedented, they will violate any citizen(s) if they are willing to go to such extreme measures. Trump 2020

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