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Pentagon Mulls Leasing Space at Trump Tower and More In Politics Today
by Causes
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  • NorthTexas

    Since Trump has not actually separated from his businesses the government should. No government money should go to any of his companies or properties. His sons are in control of his companies and they are in direct communication with him so there is nothing but their word to guarantee that sensitive decisions are not being based on what is good for their personal bottom line instead of the needs and wants of the American people. Do not support and actively prevent Trump properties from being used for events and locations for government entities. Do not support and actively prevent businesses tied to Trump from receiving government contracts. If he will not hold the office of The President to a higher standard of Ethics then we must help him. It is Ethically wrong for him and his family to financially benefit from the decisions he makes while in office. Hold the Office of the Presidency to a higher standard.


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