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The Latest: Barr Named in Whistleblower Complaint, White House Admits Call Record Moved to Secret Server
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Wayne
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    Any member of Congress still making excuses for Trump are complicit and just as guilty. They are not there to protect Trump, they are there to represent the people and they need to do their Constitutional duty of oversight of the administrative branch. Quit worrying about your next election and uphold the oath you swore to. With McConnell blocking anything passed in the House from even coming to the Senate floor for a vote (even legislation with overwhelming support from the people), it’s not like an impeachment inquiry will keep legislation from passing like many Republicans are saying. Contrary to what Mitch McConnell and many other in Congress may believe, the American people are not all ignorant and uninformed. We are watching and we will be voting. The president..... whether Republican or Democrat is not your boss, we are. You seem to have forgotten that our Republic has three “equal” branches of government. The American people are tiring of your unwillingness to do your jobs and your all too willingness to pander to a lawless president. Times are changing, for the better, whether you like it or not. I promise you that the people will be heard loud and clear at the ballot box. We won’t go back to your so called “good old days”. Those days were never as good as you remember. America was and will continue to be great. We will continue to change and grow. We will get better because we learn from our mistakes. We are all tired of the “What aboutism”, deflecting, spreading conspiracy as truth and the just outright lies. Just do your job and uphold the constitution. If you are unable to do that, please go ahead and resign now.

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