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DOJ Explains Why it Withheld the Whistleblower Complaint Congress Just Received
by Causes
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  • Bicycler
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    It should have never been brought up to the DOJ or the White House to begin with. The president knew it was wrong and tried to cover it up from the beginning by classifying it in the code-word level secret computer even though it was not a national intelligence matter. He has done this with other conversations that he knows could get him in hot water. The cover up is often worse than the crime. In this case it was just as bad but the whistleblower complaint should have gone to Congress as was required by law. The acting DNI should have never strayed from the law no matter what his beliefs were and he should no better since he was a career military person and everything imaginable is written in the rule books concerning the military. You have the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Geneva Convention, laws of armed conflict, international laws governing rules of engagement, etc. They have JAG officers who are a part of the military code of justice and articles concerning military conduct, etc. This guy was a Navy SEAL and served in the military for 35 years. He should have known better and got caught up in his party rather than principles.

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