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DOJ Explains Why it Withheld the Whistleblower Complaint Congress Just Received
by Causes
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  • Sandra
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    Am watching the DNI squirming in his seat when being asked questions by Congress....though, he does appear much LESS squirmy when addressed by someone, like that upstanding pillar of morality and dignity (sarcasm!) Devin Nunes who said something like......"I am SURE, that probably the leak of this info. did NOT come from anyone in the White House".....key word there, "probably".....I always wondered WHY Trump put so many military men in his "Administration"....Watching Maguire, it dawned on me and I could hear the words in my head..."There's always someone higher up, where you can pass the buck....oh, gee, I wish I was back in the army"....Trump is the 'head of the military".....THAT would explain WHY Maguire went to the WH before he went to anyone else about these is the training.

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