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White House Releases Unredacted Memo of Trump's Call with Ukraine's President
by Causes
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  • Jeremy
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    The transcript we're seeing isn't even a full text of the call. If we had a recording, we would have the full text. This transcript is just a pieced together recollection of what people in the white house can remember, and some voice-to-text tech on the recording. It's VERY possible that any explicit quid-pro-quo wording was removed. So, this is what the administration is willing to release, and it STILL has obvious implications of "favors" being done for the guy withholding millions of dollars. This is how the mafia operates. Not surprising for a former New Jersey casino boss. What's shocking about this transcript is that the administration was so willing to release it! How brazen can they be? They say committing crimes in plain sight and broad daylight creates such cognitive dissonance that people often disbelieve what they're seeing.


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