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How Impeachment Works, Illustrated
by Causes
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  • Andi
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    What more needs to happen to help you wake up and stand up for the republic. Do your jobs as you were elected to do by the Republic. This man has no morals to speak of so he is guided by his lack of respect for the office of which he is a guest and narcissism. That’s a frightening combustible combo by the leader of the free world. Pull your head of the sand, holding you breath uncross your fingers hoping and praying that this is the last time. That’s naive way to handle a rogue leader with a god complex who’s playing Russian roulette with our way of life believing he’s above mans law untouchable and access to the nuclear codes. Enough is enough. Stop hiding behind party lines and stand up for this country and it’s citizens who by the way put you all in office. God help us all


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