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Pelosi Announces House Democrats Will Launch Trump Impeachment Probe
by Causes
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  • Dartagnon

    tRump has been testing his limits for TOO LONG and is about to make a HORRENDOUS MOVE AGAINST THE USA and ALL AMERICANS. I always took everything that BUSH said and turned it around to see if THAT was what Bush was DOING ACTUALLY! I find myself doing the SAME thing with tRump but whereas Bush was TRAINED to be President and had a modicum of training and college. Bush KNEW what he ws doing but decided to turn his special bankers to work at unraveling the stock, real estate, and banking markets probably at the request of some big whig who offered tons of money for him to turn on his country. NOW tRUMP comes along and sees the potential so he HIRES THOSE SAME BANKERS for his Administration back at the beginning so you all know this is not another one of his frivolous plans but one that HAD to be given to him since his brain is incapable of even imagining such evil genius. It's difficult to maneuver thru the clutter in tRump's mind but deep down he is looking to BANKRUPT the USA and I think he has the idea of Buying it for pennies on the worthless dollars and then auctioning off all the typewriters and office desks and memorials and monuments or maybe leasing them to the Chinese if they decide or have decided to join in with tRump in bankrupting the USA and convert it to TrumpLand. I know this sounds idiotic and crazy but LOOK AT tRUMP, and see what he has done trying to privatize gov't agencies, destroying the environmental controls and protections for ALL AMERICANS. tRump keeps SAYING HE IS HERE to HELP ALL AMEricans but help us what? Into our graves so that he can take over the NEW TrumpUSA and SOON, TrumpWorld. Crazy is as Crazy does but its not tRump's fault. His father altered him severely in his youth and tRump is suffering his own brand of PTSD and fully believes that there are terrorists everywhere, even in the White House, and his administration. A delusional psychotic at best, Take the above and add it to the FACT that tRump only graduated 5th grade, has NO LAW DEGREE, has NO CLUE what he is supposed to do in office so he follows what the Republicans tell him ... talk about a Puppet Gov't ... tRump has made a farce of the gov't ... destroyed the Justice system with all the right wing judges, degraded the Oval Office to the laugh of the planet. It used to be when Obama could call Iran and ask to talk and they would sit down with him ... with tRump they know nothing will come of it bc they cannot trust him to tell them the truth and they do not like dealing with UNDER DOGS ... tRump is no longer the Diplomat, no longer the GREAT interrogator and logistician, unable to say three sentences in a row with actual live true facts instead of his made up lies as he talks ... Let's face it ... THE WORLD IS ON TO tRUMP and have branded him a liar. The credibility of the USA is at hand and the World iss demanding the REMOVAL of tRump, plain and simple. It is up to Congress to identify his lies and his criminal activities and call him to account for his sins ... and then face his punishment as the FORMER President of the USA once removed ... DumptRump2020MAGA


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