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Women Can Now Go Topless in 6 States – Should Others Follow Suit?
by Causes
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  • Tom
    Voted Yes

    Absolutely! Let’s look from a couple of different perspectives: 1) Women have been doing this for decades, if not centuries, in Europe and elsewhere. I think that after a short period of adjustment we’d see a decline in the number of sexual assaults in this country. 2) With all this talk of not only sex equality but gender fluidity, it doesn’t seem to matter what physical attributes a person has, only what they “identify” as. So let them “identify” as males while they want to go topless and they can change their mind afterwards if they want. I’m not a proponent of gender fluidity at all, but I strongly believe in a woman’s choice when it comes to going topless in appropriate places (where it’s appropriate for men). They should also be able to breast feed their children without fear of violating any laws.


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