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This Week in Congress: Ending the Separation of Detained Migrant Families at the Border & Avoiding a Gov’t Shutdown
by Causes
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  • Frances
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    The Defense spending bill is way too high. To the Republicans we don't have the money to feed our starving poor and their children as any Christian nation should, to fund Meals on Wheels to keep senior from having to move into expensive nursing homes or starve to death, to fund Medicare so that seniors don't die from lack of getting their medications when they're in the donut hole, to act to restrict Big Pharma, so that our 20 year olds with diabetes don't die from lack of insulin.....but we have such huge amounts of money to give to the military to buy hundred dollar hammers and thousand dollar toilet seats, while the rich and companies like Amazon, who make billions pay nothing in taxes while everything falls on the shoulders of the increasingly impoverished middle class to foot the bill!

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