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Day After Climate Protest, GOP Rep Pens Bill to Charge Protesters for Police Overtime – Do You Support the Bill?
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  • Frances
    Voted No

    That would be a violation of our Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech and expression! Protest is what started this country and our Founding Fathers WERE PROTESTERS! THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WAS A PROTEST THEY COULD HAV E DIED FOR SIGNING! THEY WANTED TO MAKE SURE IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT IT WAS A RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED IN PERPETUITY IN THIS COUNTRY THAT THEY FORGED! Peaceful protest is our right and not a crime, guaranteed by our Constitution! And protecting the peace is the job of the police and they are already paid for it by our tax money, so we are paying for our right to protest already! The is just a Republican move along the pathway to making us a totalitarian dictatorship like the Russia they love so much, that they betrayed us to Putin in their private meeting with him with no Democrats present and no media reporting what was said! No to mention the money Russia has funneled to them through the treasonous NRA! I ashamed to have ever been a Republican!


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