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Pelosi Announces House Democrats Will Launch Trump Impeachment Probe
by Causes
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  • Frances
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    He has been shamlessly breaking the law, lying, betraying out country, making money from his office as president, committing crimes against humanity in the concentration camps he calls detention centers, being a racist, sexual assault and backing sexual predators, of which he has acknowledged he is one himself, used bribery and extortion,,,,,,the list goes on and on! Children are dying in his child concentration camps! Mass shootings by white supremacists have been encouraged by his racism! He has alienated every ally we have and cozied up to our enemies and totalitarian dictators who mass murder their own people and said he loves them and how strong they are! He is the single worst thing to ever happen to this country! He is killing all of our children and grandchildren by allowing the fossil fuel companies to pollute at will.....and pounding the nails into their coffins himself, condemning his own grandchildren to death for the sake of his ego! He is in a class with Hitler and Stalin as one of the worst people in world history! It is high time to impeach him, even though Moscow Mitch, another horrendous political figure who should be impeached, will never let it get to the Senate! At least his crimes will have more light shed upon them, even though his cult followers who have been drinking the Kool aid for so long will believe his lies that he is the victim here, This deluded fools! The Republicans are all selling us out to Russia for the money! It's all they care about any more. I'm ashamed to have ever been a Republican. It is now the party of betrayal of country, bribery and corruption!


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