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Reconciling the House and Senate’s Drug Pricing Bills
by Axios
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  • Debbie
    Voted Yes

    Too many seniors cannot afford many of their medication. They are forced to chose between their meds or food. Many elders barely eat as it is. With the high drug costs many don’t get the needs medication. Truly sad to put ppl in that position. I speak as a person that have some of these outrageously priced medication. I am not of Medicare age yet but will be soon. Many of my prescriptions, I am not going to be able afford. I know many others are not going to be able to afford theirs. The math doesn’t work. A person who has $4,500 a month in prescriptions with a $3,000 social security income. I am good at doing creative financing, but even I can’t figure this one out. We need help to curb the costs of medication.


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