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Pelosi Announces House Democrats Will Launch Trump Impeachment Probe
by Causes
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  • Sharon

    As much as I believe, based on the evidence, that Trump has violated the emoluments clause, the informal protocol against nepotism, abused the power of his office, and has no moral compass or conscience to speak of, I don’t know that impeachment is a productive road. For one thing, as long as Mitch McConnell and his ilk control the Senate I don’t know that the Senate will undertake its role with objectivity and sincerity. The Republican senators have almost uniformly supported Trump no matter what he says or does. I am also not sure that there is enough hard evidence of illicit behavior that some will see him as victimized by the evil Democrats and press - which is the hand he seems to regularly play - rather than an apparent predator. I’ve frequently read comments that he doesn’t get credit for his presidential accomplishments disregarding the fact that the credit he clams belongs to the Obama administration because the accomplishments are due to policies Obama set in place. There are many who have completely drunk the Trump Koolaid, believe whatever he says without investigation, and will ignore his every unethical act. Impeachment, then, could serve to deepen and broaden our societal divisions.


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