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168 House Reps Support Impeaching Trump - Do You?
by Causes
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  • Sandra
    Voted Yes

    YES....Impeach!.....Over his despicable, mob boss behavior with Ukraine and all his despicable behavior since BEFORE the election in 2016 (i.e. cahootin' with Putin)....This man and his "Administration" have flouted the rule of law....thumbing their collective noses at subpoenas to appear before Congress, release tax info etc.....all of which our law says they must do and have systematically ousted all those who objected (I.E. James Comey, Sally Yates, John Brennon etc.....who either lost their jobs or were stripped of their clearances or both, all the while packing our courts and other high ranking jobs with "toadies" of Trump (I.E. William Barr).....make NO mistake, Trump is a narcissistic, sociopathic, meglomaniac (sp?) with delusions of grandeur . Did you hear him at the U.N. talking about OUR country?.....He said "when I took over the country" Not," when I took office".....if you listen to a bad/evil man, they will often tell you their intentions amongst all the just have to know what to listen for. He has run rough shod over our democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution.....If not checked our country is Impeach and Indict and punish with the full extent of the law Trump, Barr and whomever flouts our rule of law.. This man has called others "treasonous" even bringing up the electric chair when speaking of Joe Biden.....Trump has colluded with our enemies and is trying to destroy our much more treasonous can you get?

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