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Women Can Now Go Topless in 6 States – Should Others Follow Suit?
by Causes
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  • Angelique
    Voted Yes

    Just as laws that make it illegal for women to take off their shirt are a back door to anti breast feeding laws, making it legal for them to bear their breasts just as men do is a back door to fighting the prurient tendency of the toxic masculine/patriarchy to view anything sexual as an invitation and excuse for sexual violation and molestation. The only way the prurient, rape culture, toxic masculinity/patriarchy are going to die is if steps are made to change how women's bodies and responsibility is viewed in regard to sexuality, sex, and preventing rape and molestation. Rape is one of the few crimes where the victims have to prove their innocence. They are asked stupid slut shaming inappropriate questions about their sex lives, sexual identity, number of past partners, whether they were inebriated or high, what they were wearing, etc.. NONE of which has ANYTHING to do with being sexually violated. The idea is if a woman shows ANY indication of sexuality through her dress, if she is inebriated or high that somehow INVITES violation. Rapists have even used the excuse if a woman leaves a window open in the summer it can't be because she's hot and wants to be able to sleep, but rather she needs a lesson about how that invites violation. How does that stop? Simple, let people see women's breasts at all ages in all their glory without shame or having some sexual meaning or invitation attached to it. Think about it. Seeing women without shirts as a norm will take the prurient, salacious meaning away from them just as has happened in other countries. Children need to be taught that women's bodies are sacred and sexual consent is too. It isn't implied by how someone dresses, whether they wear a bra, how high their hemline is, or if they have a shirt on and if an adult is wanting sex with a child or someone is inebriated by anything they are incapable of consent and are off limits. We are all innately sexual beings and being a sexual being does NOT imply consent. Women have breasts. Please, get over your aversion to that biological fact. They have a function or they would not be there. Quit confusing your personal preference with morality and trying to make it into law. A woman is shirtless and you don't want to see breasts, don't look! No one forces you to look. As to women going bear breasted to church, why not? God sent them into the world naked. People need to get over themselves and get some sense.

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