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Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukrainian President
by Axios
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  • Matt
    Voted Excited

    I'm with Trump. It's time somebody put a stop to the selling out of our country. Look at how our representatives betray us and enrich themselves. I want them exposed and prosecuted. I want traitors swinging. I want China out of our schools. I want my kids educated properly, not used as pawns and props for climate hoaxes and gun control. I'd like to go into an airport without surrendering my dignity and privacy. We must severely prosecute those entrusted in our government who betray us for personal gain, which seems to be most of them. Trump is the only one not under the spell and control of the puppet masters that pull the strings of our corrupt officials. Anybody who isn't hypnotized by the media know the Biden's are guilty of trading our freedom and security to bargain their own wealth. GO TRUMP! MAGA! KAG! TRUMP 2020! Not because he's not a perfectly scripted fake like all other politicians, But because he believes in America and is tired of watching us being abused and betrayed by our own corrupt elected officials. Those who fight him so hard are fighting for their lives. Because they know they are guilty. Especially the Media and their Democrat party. Don't forget the controlled opposition in the republican party either.


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