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Clinton Signed the Defense of Marriage Act Into Law On This Date
by Causes
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  • Paul
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    The problem is that the apostles of this new sexual revolution has absolutely no interest in living their life’s the way they choose. They want everyone to bow at the alter of their perversion. And they will not allow others who disagree with them to live their life. That is why the baker went to the Supreme Court, and now possibly the florist in Washington and the Christian artists in Arizona. These have all been taken to court, discriminated against, and life’s hurt and tried to ruin because they believe in the biblical account of marriage. If the LGBT truly wanted to just live their life then they would allow others to do the same. If someone does not want to use their artistic ability to make a same sex cake then go somewhere else. We still live in a free market society (although the left seeks to destroy that). But currently if enough people feel the same way then the baker and others will go out of business. The state should not be regulating their version of morality. I am not sure I understand the purpose of a state marriage license but that is for another debate.


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