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The DC: Whistleblower complaint against Trump, and... 🙏 Why should all of America thank you?
by Causes
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    No where in the Constitution does it say the POTUS can not be investigated or prosecuted nor does it afford the POTUS any protections therefrom while in office. The notion that the Executive Branch can not function while under investigation has been disproven in the 90’s with the Clinton Admin functioning very well while under investigation for fully half of its time in office. Also, even if the POTUS is unable to carry out her/his duties, the Constitution allows the VPOTUS to act as POTUS. In other words, there is no issue and the Founding Fathers, who the Republicans and the Right love to venerate and invoke, made sure the POTUS is not above the law and the executive branch could function pretty much whatever the circumstances. The whistleblower info should be given to the pertinent House and Senate committees in its entirety, as proscribed by law, which the Executive Branch is obligated to execute.


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