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Trump Revoking California’s Ability to Set Higher Emissions Standards – Do You Support the Move?
by Causes
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  • Judith ann
    Voted Oppose

    States have the right to exceed federal standards. They do not have the right to fall short of them. California is correct, acts responsibly, and applies regulations in the interests of the public good in a way that many other states and the openly corrupt current administration of the federal government fail to do. The federal government must emulate California in taking strong, responsible actions for the wellbeing of the citizenry. It may, and must, intervene when states fall short of ensuring the Constitutional rights of all their residents. It may not, and must not, interfere when states exceed weak federal regulations that fail to bring about the intended results mandated by environmental or other federal laws. If California is attacked over its leadership in making environmental standards mean something substantive, it will be not only three steps backward in the health and safety of the public; it will be a direct measuring stick of the level of sell-out corruption of a great many of the politicians who currently hold office in Washington DC. The whole load of such corrupt politicians needs to be dumped out and sent home, and they will mark themselves with indelible ink as in need of dumping if they join in this attack on California’s long leadership role in cleaning up pollution.


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