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Senate Democrats Block Spending Package Over Border Wall Funding
by Causes
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  • Gerald
    Voted Oppose

    Couldn’t be farther from the truth... the democrats who currently oppose the wall, supported building the wall the entire length of the southern border while former President Obama was in office. The understanding of justification for supporting a wall during one presidency and opposing the building of the same wall during the next presidency is breath taking to say the least. It does not matter whether your support or oppose the wall, for any reason being built, at least have some sense of character and integrity and stick to your reasons why. So, jimK, when you say the Democrats are not flippity-floppy in this issue, you are mistaken. However, the Republican leaders are doing the same. They opposed it then and now they’re screaming for its erection, after they had a majority in both houses. They may be of opposite sides of the aisle, but they all use the same door to gain entry... the manipulation of the people. The American people want term limits, yet they fail to grasp the very basic concept of elections. Don’t like them or how they represent you, vote them out rather than cry how the other is not doing the job; when most of time the job is being avoided for the purpose or self-gratification by “our leaders”. Do what is right for our country, not for what appears glamorous in the eyes of the world. No matter the choice made, not everyone will be pleased, and that is okay. The poor attempts to please everyone is drawing attention away form the root causes of the issues our country faces. This is OUR country, not the country of our leaders to dictate how the citizens should live within its borders.


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