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Would You Support a Police Crackdown on Homeless People?
by Causes
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  • NathanForLiberty
    Voted Oppose

    Similar to adding more “government” to our lives I don’t know how adding more law enforcement is going to help either. Instead of cracking down on homelessness how about we strive to find answers and solutions to the problem. No surprise here that politicians are lacking enough common sense to get anything done. While we are on the topic, let’s get policing back to protecting and serving and maybe a little less law enforcement. The “police” have become nothing more than henchmen for a tyrannical government. A group in general that does more harm than good, an arm of the government on a power trip enforcing laws that strip us of our freedoms. There are good cops out there but for the most part though, cops are no longer the good guys. When enforcing unjust laws takes precedence over protecting those you serve you have crossed a line. It’s time Government and Law Enforcement remember who they work for and who funds their paychecks.....

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