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Arizona Supreme Court: Religious Businesses Can Refuse LGBT Customers
by Causes
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  • Joe
    Voted No

    This is a slippery slope. By allowing these companies to discriminate, you open the door to other companies refusing service based on their own “religious” beliefs. After all, religion is just one’s belief in a story. If I were to refuse service to someone because they were Christian or Republican or a white male, the GOP would be burning my building down. Instead of CREATING further divide in this Country, we should be trying to bring ALL Americans together. We need to understand that we don’t all believe the same things and accept that fact. It’s not going to change. We are who we are. No discrimination. This is a FEDERAL law. You’re not exempt because of your religion. You’re included because you’re American. If you want to practice discrimination, go find a Country that accepts it.

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