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Saudi Oil Sites Hit by Drone Strikes: U.S. Blames Iran
by Axios
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    Why?! Everything that is happening in the world they are pointing their fingers toward Iran. The US pulled out from the deal, sanctioned Iran in spite of international laws, Iranian people are suffering from illegal sanctions. They put them on the corner and now accusing them of almost everything that is happening in the world. Why they don't understand that they are betting on the wrong horse? Saudis are attacking their neighbors, sending terrorists to other countries, destabilizing the region, Saudi citizens were attacking the US in 9/11, while Iranian citizens showed their sympathy to the US citizens by lighting the candles and yet ironically the US is blocking Iran's possessions to pay for 9/11 casualties. Why they don’t understand that they are losing a powerful potential ally in the region and turning them (even Iranian people who have been positive toward them during the last decades) into their enemies? Conservatives in Iran are using this opportunity to humiliate moderates saying that “we told you, you cannot trust the US and their promises”. Why they don’t try some respectful negotiation without threatening/sanctioning them? It did not work for NC and it will never work for Iran.

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