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How Common is Teen E-Cigarette Use?
by Causes
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  • Frank-001
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    So far the research into the recent vaping problem is leaning towards being black market vaping products made from the black market THC products cut with Vitamin E Acetate. Unsurprisingly the initial efforts were obscured by the fact that the “smokers” were doing something doubly illegal i.e. using vaping products purchased on the black market made from black market THC. Talk about “stupid is as stupid does.” Given that Trump has likely gotten the science wrong yet again should surprise no one. Sounds like Trump is concerned about people’s health; how uncharacteristic! Whether he and his friends are betting on traditional tobacco over e-cigarettes is something meriting consideration. Bans, prohibitions, and scare tactics produce limited results; they also backfire. For now let’s just stop at honest warnings. When the research is concluded then ban specific flavors if one or more turns out to be lethal, penalize the companies manufacturing lethal vaping products, and return to the nicotine warnings. Truth is nicotine is the greater societal problem and the greater income producer. All Hail Capitalism!

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