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Bill to Counteract China’s Persecution of Uyghur Muslims Unanimously Passes Senate
by Causes
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    What do we achieve by interfering in ORC policy? Nothing. It gets us further from achieving a cohesive trade deal, it destabilizes the region even more by putting two superpowers against each other and there are very little US allies to help in any situation that would arise. The Philippines, even though they are a close US ally, are closer to China as they offer more immediately than the US. Since Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the WORLD, why can they not advocate a solution to the problem? Or how about Middle Eastern countries? If they are the protectors of Muslim relics and such, should they not be advocating a protectionist policy to their religious brothers and sisters? The US gains absolutely nothing by passing a bill to alter Chinese policy. We have no allies in this maneuver and it is by far an unrealistic policy to enact.


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