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Trump Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes - Do You Support a Ban?
by Causes
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  • Karen
    Voted Oppose

    Although I'm not a vaper, 2 of my sons and their wives quit smoking by vaping, thereby influencing my husband, a surgeon, to open our vape shop 5 years ago. We've seen thousands of people who have quit smoking use this method. People do not want to quit smoking using a tobacco flavored product but are excited with the option to have a variety of flavors and choosing a favorite to encourage their continued success, most all of them using .3 or .6 mgs of nicotine. Juul introduced their product with 5.0 mgs of nicotine and we've never stocked this product or the pods or the "Juul compatible" pods because the nic level was dangerously high. Why doesn't the FDA put a cap on the mg dose? A cigarette is about 1.8 mgs and when Juuls had 5.0 mgs it was obvious to most of us in this industry what their goal was...they are owned by RJ REYNOLDS. Don't attack the entire industry for a few nefarious actors in vaping.


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