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Trump Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes - Do You Support a Ban?
by Causes
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  • Justin
    Voted Oppose

    Im was a smoker for 5 years 2 years where a pack a day of cigars 3 years where 2-3 packs a day of cigarettes. After a lot of breathing, sleeping and heart complications i wanted to quit so i tried vaping and now been 2 years with out a cigarette. I quit using a dessert flavor strawberry cream to be exact and if it wasnt for the flavors. Its not that i could be its that i would be dead. Vaping has litteraly saved my life. Banning them wouldnt just make thousands of peiole lose there buisnesses and jobs in witch people put the life and life savings in to. It would have people go back to smoking. Banning these flavors are going to do more harm then good instead have more regulations. Make it so that only shops or age restricted businesses can actually sell the probucts and not gas stations that only care about the money. Say no to the flavor ban


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