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Trump Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes - Do You Support a Ban?
by Causes
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  • Mary
    Voted Oppose

    The POTUS does NOT have the right info. For someone who despises fake news, he’s about to end a life saving industry based on fake news! Vaping is NOT causing deaths and i take offense when the POTUS says “everyone says vaping is wonderful but the truth is it’s not wonderful’. The POTUS couldn’t be more wrong. What is causing the deaths is people who are vaping thc cartridges. The POTUS should study winterization and how thc and cbd are extracted b/c it is here that he will learn about the wax that’s in the mj plant. The POTUS should not destroy a life saving industry based on a delivery method. Vaping is not what killed those 6 ppl, thc did. 5/6 who died bought illegal thc cartridges. None of these deaths come from flavored eliquid that big tobacco/big pharma so desperately want banned so that they can make $ again. The FDA does not care about the American ppl’s health. If they did, they would see that vaping saves lives, but they don’t care because it’s about $ in the end. If people aren’t sick then doctors aren’t making $, smoking cessation devices aren’t getting bought, politicians will lose their endorsments from the $ they get from big tobacco/big pharma, and god forbid that happens. Lord knows y’all can’t have that happen. So to hell w/ American peoples lives. You want us sick and dying. You don’t have our best interests at hand and you probaly won’t have our votes either in 2020. Please to the POTUS, PLEASE LOOK AT THE FACTS - REAL FACTS!!! The royal college of physicians. The media is showing the POTUS the 6 deaths and blaming it on flavored ecig juice. There are only 4 ingredients in ecig juice: vg, pg, nic, and flavorings. Aside from nic, the other 3 are found in everyday foods/drinks. But deadly cigarettes have millions of poisons in them like arsenic, formaldehyde, cyanide, insecticide, fungicide, TAR, etc. We’ve known for years that cigs lead to lung diseases, cancer, etc. We know cigs definitely will kill you and teens have been smoking cigs before vaping ever existed. By destroying vaping which has been proven to be 95% safer then cigs, you will be sending everyone including the so called ‘teens’ that are ‘vaping’ back to cigarettes and certain death. Think about that. Let that sink in.


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